About Bongou

Bongou is French creole for Bongout, and translated as 'Delicious' or 'Good taste'. This feature that has remained central to everything we do and is also reflected in our choice of slogan, *Love the taste*.

It has also been the most popular form of feedback often communicated to us since 2015, when we first opened our doors to customers and made our house special available to the public.

At Bongou we care about the experience every bite creates. Simply stated, it has to be delicious! We take our time to develop layers of umami, ..unseen attributes that please the senses and ultimately deliver an unforgettable experience. This is what makes our food irresistible.

Our menu in limited to just a handful items to ensure quality through focus and consistency.. in other words, whatever we do, we do well and strive to do it well again and again. We develop everything in-house; we bake our own burger buns, we blend our own spices and make or BBQ sauces from scratch.

Over the last few years we have become a 'must have' for discerning party host's and a very crucial accompaniment at the dinner table, office party buffet and even beach parties!!

We are humbled by the fact that our customers repeatedly come back to us whenever they have a reason to celebrate their special occasions with friends and loved ones. This is what motivates us to give ourselves flat out, time and again, all year round.

Ours is a brand that cares about its people, its customers and especially about the food we serve. It has to be said, 'our food is always prepared with love to be shared with the ones you love.'